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7 alternatives to raiding your retirement fund

Consider options to dipping into your retirement fund, including a P2P, a personal loan or moonlighting.

Don't raid retirement

3 steps to improve your credit when it’s bad

Make yourself known to the credit reporting agencies with a credit-builder loan.

Credit-builder loans

What is a personal loan?

Personal loans can be a good source for quick cash or a practical tool for debt consolidation.

What is a personal loan?

7 steps to borrow (with caution) for summer fun

With weddings, graduations and vacations coming up, here’s how to borrow prudently.

Borrow for summer fun

The future of P2P lending

With layoffs at Prosper and the resignation of LendingClub’s CEO, what does the P2P industry’s shakeup mean for the borrower?

future of P2P lending

The 5 parts of your FICO score

Think of your credit score as your report card. It tells you how your credit is doing overall.

Credit score infographic

Applying for a loan? Here’s what you need to know about credit scores

Your score is actually made up of 5 parts. Here they are.

Loans and credit scores