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The future of P2P lending

With layoffs at Prosper and the resignation of LendingClub’s CEO, what does the P2P industry’s shakeup mean for the borrower?

future of P2P lending

The 5 parts of your FICO score

Think of your credit score as your report card. It tells you how your credit is doing overall.

Credit score infographic

8 mistakes a personal loan applicant should never make

Lenders have a checklist that’s filled with the things they don’t want a personal loan applicant to do.

Personal loan mistakes

5 steps to build credit

Just starting out? Here’s what you need to know in order to build your credit.

Build credit

Trouble paying off debt?

These 7 tools and apps will rein in your out-of-control budget.

Budget apps

When is a loan taxable?

P2P lender? Forgiven loan? Here are tax implications you need to know before lending or borrowing.

Taxable loans

3 ways loan interest can help with taxes

Looking for tax advantages? Loan interest is one possibility.

Tax-deductible loan interest

8 tips now that interest rates are rising

Rising interest rates can signal economic growth, but they can also be trouble for borrowers.

Rising interest rates