Loan Help

7 alternatives to raiding your retirement fund

Consider options to dipping into your retirement fund, including a P2P, a personal loan or moonlighting.

Don't raid retirement

3 steps to improve your credit when it’s bad

Make yourself known to the credit reporting agencies with a credit-builder loan.

Credit-builder loans

What is a personal loan?

Personal loans can be a good source for quick cash or a practical tool for debt consolidation.

What is a personal loan?

7 steps to borrow (with caution) for summer fun

With weddings, graduations and vacations coming up, here’s how to borrow prudently.

Borrow for summer fun

Applying for a loan? Here’s what you need to know about credit scores

Your score is actually made up of 5 parts. Here they are.

Loans and credit scores

8 mistakes a personal loan applicant should never make

Lenders have a checklist that’s filled with the things they don’t want a personal loan applicant to do.

Personal loan mistakes

5 questions for retirees before taking out a personal loan

With healthcare expenses rising and financial markets fluctuating, some retirees find themselves strapped for cash.

Senior borrowing

8 ways to know if you can afford that loan

By taking a few well-chosen steps, you can ensure that you are in good shape every month when that loan payment comes due.

Affording a loan

6 tips for building an outstanding credit report

Earn that lender vote of approval with these important rules of thumb.

Building credit report